Located in Port Orange, we have been serving the local community as a top Waxing Spa since 2015. We started out as a small business but slowly and patiently we’ve grown our loyal customer base organically. We strive to create lasting relationships with our clients and do everything possible to cater to their needs. Whatever service you’re looking for, your wish is our command! 

Meet Our Owner

Vanuzia "Vee" Santana

Hi, I'm Vanuzia (Vee), owner, operator, and Master Specialist at the Amazing Brazilian Wax Spa! Originally from Brazil, and holding Esthetician licenses in the State of Georgia and Florida since 2004, I possess the wonderful ability to make every client my number one priority. With my soft-touch, waxing has never felt so comfortable! My desire is to provide a spa treatment to be remembered by my clients! We have been awarded two years in a row as the "Best of 2019 and 2020” Port Orange Award Program for our outstanding business ethics and service to our community.


Meet Our Team


Sheyla Mohn

A Brazilian from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I hold a bachelor's degree in Linguistics. I have an incredible desire to interact with others on a person-to-person level making them feel great about themselves.  I received my Esthetician license in 2018 and underwent training specifically in Brazilian Wax by our Master Specialist, Vee. My vibrant personality and positive energy, along with a great passion for making my clients feel wonderful, allows me to take good care of their skin.

Trisha Hubbs

I would call myself a Florida girl, receiving my Florida Esthetician's license from Corvina Institute of Technology in Maitland, FL, in 2017. I've always loved skincare, but most of all, my desire is to empower women by making them feel and look beautiful. I possess a special talent when it comes to shaping eyebrows, and my personality is often described as sweet and soft-spoken. Under our Master Specialist's training in Brazilian Wax, I'm sure I will leave you feeling your best!


Lilyana Futrelle

 I am from Parana State, Brazil, having lived in the USA for 18 years in Georgia. I am delighted to become a new addition to our team. I am very excited to offer my expertise on our fabulous clientele. As a Esthetician license in 2020, I have been training specifically in Brazilian Wax by our Master Specialist, Vee.

As an inspired guitar player, I love to dedicate all my soul into everything I put my efforts in. My goal is to provide the best services to all our clients. Being a very determined person in my personal life that reflects on my works bringing me the satisfaction to do what i love.

Vanessa Travessoni

I am from the most famous place, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although I am Floridian at heart, having lived here for over 20 years. I love my family, enjoy the healthy lifestyle of balanced nutrition and regular exercise, I Graduated from Boca Beatty Academy in Cosmetology in 2015. The beauty industry is my passion. I perform Eyelash Extensions like no other,  boosting my clients' self-esteem by affording them a relaxing and beautiful experience at the Brazilian Wax Spa.


Direct from Our Clients

"Great atmosphere, professional and friendly. This is my new place. No need to fear, ladies, whether it's your first time or 50th they will make your experience exceptional."

- Morgan G.

"I gave this salon a try after not being happy with my current (big corporate) waxing salon. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! The price was incredibly better and they did a better job... much more thorough and much less pain!"

- Donna C.

"I like the products that they are using because my skin is very sensitive and I have no issues with their products, unlike European Waxing and other Spas that I've tried here in Volusia, this one is the best for me."

- Shennel M.


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